Catheter Ablation Consultant Cambridge

Learn more about successful treatment of cardiac rhythm disorders.


For heart arrhythmia disorders, catheter ablation may be a treatment solution that suits your needs. Dr David Begley is a catheter ablation consultant in Cambridge who can help to determine whether catheter ablation treatment is right for you. With many years of experience, Dr David Begley is a cardiac rhythm management specialist based in Cambridge, who can help to find the ideal treatment for you.


Catheter ablation, often shortened just to ablation, is a treatment that is designed to help correct or control heart arrhythmia. It works by breaking the pathways which deliver abnormal signals and can destroy the parts of the heart muscle which can trigger irregular heartbeats.

The innovative treatment is based on studies that have shown that some electrical pathways from the heart can cause irregular heartbeat rhythms. Catheter ablation treatment can be carried out in different ways in order to prevent or block these pathways from sending abnormal rhythms. From years of studying cardiac rhythm management, Dr David Begley is the ideal catheter ablation consultant in Cambridge and can help you to understand if the treatment is right for you.


In order to establish whether this treatment is right for your needs, you need a specialist consultant to determine the causes of your heart arrhythmia disorder. With every patient, Dr David Begley will take the time to ensure the appropriate treatment is determined. Through a thorough assessment and an electrocardiogram, Dr David Begley will work with you during a consultation to establish an accurate diagnosis.

From your diagnosis, then Dr David Begley can then discuss treatment options. Solutions can be offered which could include a pacemaker, implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) or catheter ablation. Catheter ablation is primarily used to create scar tissue. This scar tissue can then either destroy the pathways that set off the arrhythmia. Alternatively, scar tissue can be used to break circuit pathways which are abnormal and can be causing the irregularities.

The treatment is usually conducted in one of two ways. The pathways can be frozen with a process called cryoablation or destroyed with heat using radiofrequency ablation. Unfortunately, it is not possible to determine if the treatment has been successful straightaway.

After the ablation, another consultation will be arranged, and you will see whether the procedure has been successful. This will usually take place around two months after the treatment. If unsuccessful, follow up ablation procedures may be recommended.


To make an appointment please contact Dr David Begley’s Private Secretary, Ruth Littlechild on 01480 364 112 or please use the contact form.

If you have experienced symptoms you might think are related to heart rhythm disturbance or have been diagnosed with an arrhythmia please discuss with your general practitioner whether referral is appropriate.