Shortness of breath symptoms can have a lot of causes. Sometimes the reason is a mild infection like a cold. Other times shortness of breath can be a sign of a much more severe condition.

What Do Shortness of Breath Symptoms Mean?

Shortness of breath describes the feeling of not being able to get enough oxygen. It can feel like no matter how much you breathe; you still aren’t getting what you need. You feel this way because your body is not able to get enough oxygen to your cells. This can be because you have an issue with your lungs. So, your body can’t get the oxygen from the air.

If you are suffering to catch your breath or breathe deeply and fully, it can also indicate a problem with your heart. If your heart isn’t beating correctly, then the oxygenated blood isn’t going where it’s needed.

When To See A Doctor

If your shortness of breath has come on rapidly and your chest feels tight as well, you should call an ambulance as this can be a sign of a heart attack.

If you have had shortness of breath symptoms for more than a month, then you need to speak to a doctor about it. You should also make an appointment if your symptoms are worsened by exercise or laying down. Other warning signs that you need to consult a doctor about your condition include a cough that has lasted more than three weeks and swollen ankles.

If you speak to your GP, they may suggest that there might be a cardiac reason behind your symptoms. You will then get a referral to talk to a cardiologist. You can choose which cardiologist you speak to. This is true for both NHS and private patients.

If you are in the area of Cambridge or King’s Lynn, you should consider Dr David Begley. He is a specialist in heart rhythm conditions that can cause symptoms like shortness of breath. You can make an appointment with him today.