Once you have a diagnosis of a heart rhythm abnormality, you often require comprehensive tests to put in place the most effective treatment plan. Dr David Begley, specialising in cardiac rhythm management, provides diagnostic electrophysiology in Cambridge, offering patients essential insights for understanding their heart conditions. This investigative process plays a pivotal role in ensuring you access the most effective treatment strategies.

Initial Assessments and Examinations for Cardiac Rhythm Problems

To understand the root cause of your heart rhythm issue, Dr Begley carries out a full assessment, allowing  him to put together the most effective management plan. Describing your symptoms aids in narrowing down possibilities, but the correlation of symptoms with an electrocardiogram (ECG) recording is crucial for precise diagnosis. Patients are encouraged to bring ECG results to consultations if they already have one or Dr Begley can arrange this.

A resting ECG often provides diagnostic clues, even in the absence of symptoms. Continuous or intermittent ambulatory ECG monitoring captures intermittent symptoms. In cases where these methods fall short, the insertion of an implantable loop recorder is another option. If it is still difficult to pin down symptoms then the next option is usually diagnostic electrophysiology.

The Diagnostic Electrophysiology Procedure

The diagnostic electrophysiology study takes within a catheter lab under the expertise of an electrophysiologist.  Dr Begley regularly carries out Diagnostic Electrophysiology in Cambridge to help his patients access the best possible treatment. The 2-3 hour procedure involves inserting catheters into a vein and manoeuvring them to the heart. Patients sometimes experience light-headedness and palpitations during the procedure but you are under expert care.

The examination can be invaluable for diagnosing cardiac rhythm issues, giving cardiologists with the essential data to create an effective treatment plan.

Diagnostic electrophysiology stimulates abnormal heart rhythms, allowing for a precise diagnosis.

Appointments for Diagnostic Electrophysiology in Cambridge: Seeking Expert Guidance

As an experienced consultant cardiologist and electrophysiologist, Dr David Begley can help patients with a range of cardiac symptoms. He will also provide the most suitable diagnostic testing in all instances. Booking an appointment with Dr Begley ensures access to specialised care and where required. the diagnostic electrophysiology testing that is instrumental in understanding and addressing heart conditions.

To book an appointment at one of Dr Begley’s clinics you can contact us via this website and we can arrange a time to suit your schedule.