There are medical professionals to help heal and fix every single part of the body and mind.  If you are suffering from symptoms relating to a possible problem with your heart, there are cardiac surgeons in Cambridge who can help you to find a solution.


Cardiac surgeons part of an umbrella group of Cardiothoracic Surgeons who concentrate on the heart, lungs and other thoracic (chest) organs.  As well as performing life saving surgery, they can diagnose and treat a variety of diseases that affect these areas of the body.

Cardiac surgeons cover a broad spectrum of surgeries and treatments, and can offer potentially life changing and immediate relief to patients with heart problems.

The main types of surgery they perform are:

  • Coronary artery bypass surgery – restoring blood flow to the heart by bypassing the narrowed coronary arteries
  • Heart valve surgery – repairing and replacing narrowed or leaking heart valves
  • Aortic surgery – replacing an  enlarged or damaged blood vessel leaving the heart
  • Heart rhythm correction surgeries – regulating the speed at which the heart beats using electronic devices.

Some cardiac surgeons specialise in certain areas of heart medicine, including helping patients with tachycardia, bradycardia or heart rhythm abnormalities.


As a highly respected consultant cardiac surgeon covering the Cambridge area, Dr Begley specialises in the identification and treatment of cardiac arrhythmias.  His wealth of experience has seen him travel from Edinburgh Medical School to the USA and back again as he strives to find permanent cures for patients with heart rhythm problems, all of which can cause frequently alarming and distressing symptoms.








He can assist any patient suffering from symptoms of heart rhythm abnormalities or those that think they may be.  From the initial consultation through to treatment and surgery, Dr Begley and his team can dramatically increase the quality of life for his patients.

In order to treat you, Dr Begley will:

  • Undertake a thorough assessment to establish the cause of your heart rhythm problem using either and ECG, echocardiogram, ECG monitoring or a diagnostic electrophysiology study.
  • Assess and advise you of the best course of treatment for any problems identified in the assessment.
  • Undertake precise and delicate surgery to help rectify your heart rhythm abnormality by using electrophysiology and ablation techniques including fitting pacemakers.

Dr Begley and his team are on hand to help you.  Dr Begley is a true professional who has completed many years of specialist training in cardiology and cardiac rhythm management.


To make an appointment please contact Dr David Begley’s Private Secretary, Ruth Littlechild on 01480 364 112 or please use the contact form.