Finding a cardiologist in your local area may be important if you have a referral from your GP. It’s important to see someone who understands the concerns and worries you have and makes them easier to deal with. For example, Dr David Begley is a consultant cardiologist in Cambridge, ensuring patients in the area can discuss their problems and find treatment where necessary. Do you need the services of a cardiologist? Let’s look at the work of cardiology departments and what cardiologists do.

What is a Cardiologist?

A cardiologist is someone who specialises in the medical treatment of the heart. Their specialism and skills in finding, treating, and preventing heart-related diseases and conditions. Dr Begley is a highly qualified consultant cardiologist. He has a wealth of medical experience to back up his skills in this area.

It is very common for people to visit the cardiologist as a matter of routine in their later lives. This is especially necessary in the case of a history of heart problems in the family. Heart health is more of a concern as you age. Understandably, it is important to seek the guidance of an experienced heart specialist. But, of course, there are lifelong heart problems that may require regular cardiologist appointments, too, and some people are born with issues with their heart, including many congenital heart defects.

Dr Begley: Consultant Cardiologist

Dr David Begley has worked as a cardiologist in the UK and the United States. He completed specialist training in cardiology and cardiac rhythm management at the highly respected Freeman Hospital in Newcastle. Dr Begley was also recognised as an early pioneer in the treatment of patients with cardiac arrhythmias. He is committed to educating future generations of cardiologists as well as running his own regular clinics.

Dr Begley can help patients with a range of conditions, including and help to find diagnoses and treatment for cardiac symptoms such as syncope and palpitations.

Dr David Begley holds positions at the Royal Papworth Hospital, Nuffield Cambridge Hospital and BMI The Sandringham Hospital. He runs regular clinics at both these locations for patients with a referral from their GP.

If you would like to arrange to see Dr Begley as a private patient, then please do get in touch with his secretary, Lynn Thomas, on and she will be happy to make the arrangements for you.