Both patients with medical insurance and without look for private healthcare. Trying to find a private cardiologist doesn’t have to be difficult and specialists fully understand why you may look for private healthcare as opposed to waiting for an NHS appointment. Choosing a private cardiologist gives you more control over your choice of specialist and it can also add more peace of mind and confidence when going through a stressful experience.

Patients looking to find a private cardiologist in Cambridgeshire can consider Dr David Begley. Dr Begley  is a consultant cardiologist and specialist in cardiac rhythm management at Royal Papworth Hospital. He also holds appointments at Nuffield Cambridge Hospital. Let’s explore the considerations to keep in mind when looking for a private medical professional.

Practical Considerations

When looking for a private doctor there are some practical considerations to keep in mind. You want to ensure any professional you opt to visit is registered with the General Medical Council. They should also have further training, experience and potentially membership to associations and organisations relating to their medical specialism. You can check these things online before visiting any clinic or hospital. Furthermore, you should also take a look at any inspection reports for the practice as the Healthcare Commission routinely inspects all professional medical facilities.

Location will also matter, most people look to find a private cardiologist in their local area for ease and convenience.

Personal Considerations

One of the most important elements of the doctor-patient relationship is comfort on the patient’s behalf. You must feel comfortable with your choice of private doctor and confident in their abilities to support you in your medical treatment. Your initial consultation is an opportunity to get to know the doctor a little better and decide whether they are the right choice for your needs. Opting for private healthcare means you have this choice so it makes sense to utilise it.

To help get a feel for a doctor before meeting them you can explore their professional website if they have one and look for reviews and testimonials from previous and existing patients. Dr Begley has a dedicated testimonials section on his website.

Find a Private Cardiologist in Cambridge

Dr David Begley runs clinics for private patients in Cambridge and from further afield. He specialises in cardiac rhythm management and supporting patients with cardiac health concerns. Patients with health insurance or happy to self-pay can get in touch and arrange an appointment. Book an appointment today via Dr Begley’s personal assistant Lynn Thomas.