Most patients referred for cardiology will receive a referral from a local hospital once their GP completes the process. However, it is worth considering your options if you are looking to find a cardiologist in the UK. Maybe you want to consider private practice or are looking for a second opinion. Either way, it is possible to search out specialists in your area.

Dr David Begley is a consultant cardiologist who specialises in cardiac rhythm management.  This is the investigation and treatment of heart rhythm abnormalities or arrhythmias. If you are looking to find a cardiologist in the UK and are looking in the Cambridgeshire area, then you can explore Dr Begley’s availability and consider arranging an appointment.

About Dr David Begley

Dr Begley graduated from Edinburgh Medical School in 1994. Next. he completed his residency in South East Scotland. He then spent three years in the USA at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland.

Whilst in the USA, he undertook research in the investigation and management of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy patients.  This research led to his research degree from the University of Edinburgh.

He returned to the UK in 2002.  He then completed specialist cardiology and cardiac rhythm management training at the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle.

To expand the existing cardiac rhythm management team, Dr Begley was appointed a consultant in Cardiology at Papworth Hospital in 2007.  He operated as Clinical Lead for CRM from 2011 until 2016, a period of rapid growth.  He maintained the department’s position as one of the country’s highest volume centres for electrophysiology studies, complex ablations, and cardiac device implants.

Dr Begley’s education and development has been ongoing. Furthermore, he completed a postgraduate certificate in medical education from the University of Cambridge in 2013.  In addition, Dr Begley regularly provides educational support through presentations and training.  These events included the Heart Rhythm Congress and the British Cardiovascular Society Annual Conference.  He has also been involved with the regional Cardiac Update courses organised by the Arrhythmia Alliance.

Find a Cardiologist in the UK

If you’ve found this website, you’re likely looking for a local cardiologist to discuss your symptoms or concerns with. Dr Begley is highly experienced and has regular private clinics to support patients with various cardiac symptoms. His experience and network in the local area ensure prompt testing and diagnostics. Furthermore, he can arrange referrals to other specialists if necessary.

Contact Dr Begley

Please get in touch with Dr David Begley’s Personal Assistant to make an appointment via phone at 01223 850 423 or email.