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Learn more about successful treatment of cardiac rhythm disorders.


For expert treatment for a range of cardiac rhythm management disorders, visit Dr David Begley. Dr David Begley is a specialist consultant and experienced cardiac electrophysiologist who can assist with a variety of cardiac rhythm disorders to find to right solution to meet your needs and improve your quality of life. Dr David Begley is based in Cambridge and has a clinic at Nuffield Cambridge Hospital, a state of the art treatment centre that has been rated ‘outstanding’ by the Care Quality Commission.


Offering consultation, treatment and surgery at Nuffield Cambridge Hospital, Dr David Begley can ensure patients that they are receiving medical expertise and first-class service. While Nuffield Cambridge Hospital caters for a range of medical specialities, the hospital has a comprehensive cardiology department in which Dr David Begley is a passionate member of the team.

Dr David Begley specialises in cardiac rhythm management, and as a consultant at Nuffield Cambridge Hospital, he can help to advise you on the best treatment and solutions for your heart rhythm disorder. Within this state of the art hospital, you can receive expert advice and specialist treatment for all aspects of cardiac electrophysiology. Dr David Begley will be happy to talk through all of the treatment options available to you so that you can find the right solution for you.


Working as a specialist in cardiac rhythm management, Dr David Begley can assist with a range of heart rhythm problems. Heart arrhythmia can cause a variety of troublesome symptoms and can be life-threatening if not treated properly. Severe symptoms of heart rhythm disorders include chest pains, cardiac arrests, palpitations, dizziness and blackouts as well as breathlessness.

Through an in-depth understanding of your symptoms and condition as well as determining your lifestyle, Dr David Begley can work with you. With interest in innovative, reduced invasive treatments, Dr David Begley will work hard to find the right solution that meets your needs and improves your quality of life.

Some of Dr David Begley’s specialities include fitting pacemakers. A pacemaker is a responsive device that can help to regulate your heartbeat and prevent your heart from beating too slowly and will detect if your heart misses a beat. Another specialism for Dr David Begley is catheter ablation. This treatment can help to remove faulty electrical pathways which are at fault for producing heart arrhythmias.


To make an appointment please contact Dr David Begley’s Private Secretary, Ruth Littlechild on 01480 364 112 or please use the contact form.

If you have experienced symptoms you might think are related to heart rhythm disturbance or have been diagnosed with an arrhythmia please discuss with your general practitioner whether referral is appropriate.