Dr David Begley Consultant Cardiologist

Dr David Begley, Consultant Cardiologist, holds positions at three well-respected hospitals: Nuffield Cambridge Hospital, BMI The Sandringham Hospital and the Royal Papworth Hospital.

Certainly, the substantiveness of these positions is reflective of Dr Begley’s high regard within his field.

But also, the positions he enjoys holding at both hospitals should give you the peace of mind you are searching for from your chosen cardiologist.

Why choose Dr David Begley?

Dr David Begley has been working as a qualified practitioner for 25 years.

Similarly, he has been a specialist consultant in his field for over a decade.

As a result, the medical advice and treatment Dr Begley offers bases itself upon this extensive experience.

Notably, whilst studying for his MD at the University of Edinburgh, Dr Begley became introduced to the treatments, electrophysiology and ablation.

The fact that this type of treatment could permanently cure many patients with heart rhythm problems was a significant point in Dr Begley’s formative years of training.

Essentially, these two procedures could cure patients of frequently alarming and distressing symptoms.

From that point on, cardiology was Dr Begley’s chosen area of specialism.

He then completed his specialist training in cardiology and cardiac rhythm management at the highly-respected Freeman Hospital in Newcastle, regarded as an early pioneer in the treatment of patients with cardiac arrhythmias.

Find out what his patients say

Mr Lewington from Nottinghamshire received treatment from Dr Begley for Ventricular Tachycardia.

Due to his satisfaction about the treatment of his condition, he says:

“Suffering from Ventricular Tachycardia, I was looking for a better solution that just palliative drug care.  After research on the web, I met Dr David Begley Consultant Cardiologist.  And that meeting totally changed my life for the better.”

“I would recommend anybody in a similar situation to follow my path as soon as possible.”

Make your appointment with Dr David Begley

Dr Begley holds positions at the Royal Papworth Hospital, Nuffield Cambridge Hospital and BMI The Sandringham Hospital.

However, if you would like to arrange an appointment, please simply contact his Personal Assistant, Lynn Thomas.

Phone 01223 850423 or 07368 364147

Alternatively, email Lynn Thomas on lynn@drbegleycardiology.co.uk