Coronary artery bypass surgery or heart bypass surgery is an effective treatment for relieving heart-related chest pain. Dr David Begley is an experienced consultant cardiologist providing coronary artery bypass surgery in Cambridge. The surgery helps to improve the blood supply to your heart muscle and here we’ll look more closely at the procedure.

Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery in Cambridge

Patients who have a diagnosis of coronary heart disease or angina may be recommended for a bypass operation. This surgery will help improve blood supply to the heart, reduce angina symptoms and improve overall quality of life.

Bypass Surgery: The ins and Outs

Your heart’s arteries narrow when fatty deposits build up along their inner walls. The coronary artery bypass surgery aims to bypass these narrowed sections. The procedure to do this involves your surgeon grafting a blood vessel between the aorta and a further point along the coronary artery, past the area that has narrowed.

Usually, the surgeon will use the internal mammary artery which is taken from your chest. It is possible to have a single graft. However, it is much more common to have a double, triple or quadruple graft which is why we have come to recognise the terms triple and quadruple bypass.

Your surgeon will work as effectively as possible. They may need to cut your breastbone and this will leave a wound, then a scar in the middle of your chest.  Once the surgery is complete, the medical team will move you to intensive care. You will be closely monitored before being moved to high dependency or onto a cardiac ward.

Bypass Benefits, Risks and Recovery

Coronary artery bypass surgery offers quick and effective relief from angina and related chest pain. This in turn means a better quality of life in general. There are risks to every surgery and before any procedure, you can discuss these with your care team.

The recovery process is also unique to the individual.  Most patients are out of bed within a day or two of the operation. Furthermore, most can return home after a week. Full recovery may take two or three months dependent on the severity of your heart disease, age, fitness and other factors.

Remember, surgery is not a cure. It is a way of treating your heart disease. You should have a renewed interest in focusing on your heart health and living more healthily.

Booking an appointment with Dr Begley

Dr David Begley is an experienced cardiologist who regularly performs coronary artery bypass surgery in Cambridge. You can get a referral to Dr Begley or contact his team directly here to discuss arranging your first appointment.