We live in a world where informed choice is key to all we do. This applies to our medical care too and whilst a referral for specialist treatment, such as cardiology, can be worrying, it is a chance to decide who we want to be involved in our care. Choosing a cardiologist in Cambridge gives you many options. In England we have the legal right to choose our GP, hospital and clinical team and this includes your cardiologist. Hospitals are reviewed and assessed much like any other premises. This means you can spend time assessing your options and finding the right specialist for your condition or symptoms.

Making an Informed Decision about your Cardiologist

Your GP will refer you to an outpatient appointment for cardiology and should provide a referral letter. With this letter you can contact any cardiologist in Cambridge or your local area and arrange an appointment. You may not know exactly what the next step in your treatment or diagnosis is, but you do know you want the best possible care.

Research your Care for Peace of Mind

You can choose any cardiologist anywhere in the UK. Locally qualified specialists are usually a patient’s first choice. However, if you’re looking for a specialist with particular clinical interests you may look further afield. Research your options in depth and look for a cardiologist experienced in dealing with your symptoms or condition.

Dr David Begley – Consultant Cardiologist in Cambridge

Dr David Begley is a consultant cardiologist in Cambridge, with many years’ experience. Specialising in cardiac rhythm management and heart rhythm conditions, Dr Begley combines educational and professional experience for the benefit of his patients. He also provides educational support for new doctors. He runs regular clinics at Papworth Hospital and Nuffield Cambridge Hospital for new and existing patients.