Cardiac rhythm conditions can be extremely worrying without the right treatment. Many conditions can be treated and even cured, but this involves the support and treatment from a cardiac rhythm management specialist. Dr Begley is an experienced cardiac rhythm management specialist. He provides a wide range of treatments for people with a wide range of heart complaints.

Diagnosing and Managing Heart Rhythm Disorders

Diagnosing heart rhythm disorders is the first stage towards treatment. Many symptoms such as palpitations and dizzy spells can have simple causes. However, they can also be indicators of a more serious condition. Dr Begley works with patients who require only lifestyle changes as well as those who may need surgery such as pacemaker implantation or cardiac ablation.

The diagnosis and treatment process involves both non-invasive and invasive procedures including:

  • ECG: an electrocardiogram records the electric activity of your heart of a set period to detect any abnormalities
  • Cardiomemo: the use of a portable device which attaches to the chest and records the heartbeat over a set period
  • Tilt table testing: seemingly basic but very effective. The tilt table test will slowly rise a patient up to 60 degrees. This can replicate a ‘blackout’ episode and help the team understand why this is happening
  • Catheter ablation: this involves the use of energy (usually heat) fed through catheters to remove abnormal tissue and “reset” the heart’s electrical impulses back to normal.
  • Pacemaker surgery: pacemakers help to keep the rhythm of a heart which beats too slowly. They are implanted under the skin and help to electronically keep the heart beating at a normal pace.
  • ICD implantation: an implantable cardioverter defibrillator helps to slow and regulate a fast heartbeat. It senses any disturbances to the cardiac rhythm. It then delivers electrical impulses to stop the abnormal rhythm before it becomes a problem

Your Cardiac Rhythm Management Specialist

Whether you have a referral, a personal concern or are already living with a cardiac rhythm problem it is important to work with the right specialist to treat your condition.

If you want to make an appointment with Dr Begley to discuss treatment for a heart rhythm condition, you should phone or email his secretary directly. Dr Begley’s private secretary Ruth Littlechild can be contacted on 01223 850 423 or via