Heart rhythm abnormalities require thorough monitoring and investigation prior to diagnosis.  Continuous or intermittent ambulatory ECG monitoring can help capture symptoms that are intermittent.

Heart Rhythm Abnormalities

A detailed assessment will be undertaken so Dr Begley can establish the cause of your heart rhythm problem.  This will allow for an appropriate management plan.

How you describe your symptoms will often help narrow down the possibilities. However, correlation of your symptoms with an electrocardiogram (ECG) recording is essential.  This will establish an accurate diagnosis. If you already have an ECG during symptoms, this should be presented at the first appointment.

Understanding Resting and Ambulatory ECG

A simple ultrasound scan of the heart can detect many structural abnormalities.  This is called an echocardiogram or ECG.

A resting ECG can often provide a clue to the diagnosis even when recorded in the absence of any symptoms. Patients with a normal resting ECG are unlikely to have a dangerous rhythm abnormality. The likelihood of this is even less if the heart is normal so may provide some reassurance.

Continuous or intermittent ambulatory ECG monitoring can record abnormalities that are intermittent.
If that is unsuccessful, insertion of an implantable loop recorder under the skin can help with symptoms that only occur occasionally. If symptom-rhythm correlation still remains elusive a diagnostic electrophysiology study can be performed.  More details on this can be found here.

If you have experienced symptoms you might think are related to heart rhythm disturbance or have been diagnosed with an arrhythmia please discuss with your GP.  They will establish whether referral is appropriate.

About Dr Begley

Dr David Begley is a Consultant Cardiologist in the UK who specialises in cardiac rhythm management.  This is the investigation and treatment of heart rhythm abnormalities or arrhythmias.

He welcomes you to his clinic so you can discuss your symptoms.  To make an appointment please contact Dr David Begley’s Personal Assistant, Lynn Thomas via Phone on 01223 850 423 or email.