If your doctor suspects that you have a heart rhythm disorder, that comes and goes, they may recommend that you undergo ambulatory ECG monitoring Cambridge. Cambridge and King’s Lynn residents can get this test carried out under the care of Dr David Begley. If you need this procedure, you probably have a few questions.

This post will hopefully help you to understand a little bit more about what it involves.

What Is It?

An ECG is a device that monitors the electrical signals that control your heart. An ambulatory ECG is one that you wear for an extended period, usually 24-48 hours. It is designed to monitor how your heart acts as you go about your daily activities.

Why Do I Need One?

A standard ECG records only 12 seconds of data. If your condition is intermittent, then a standard ECG may be no use in diagnosing the problem. An ambulatory ECG monitors you for between 24 and 48 hours. This means it can pick up symptoms that would be missed in a normal ECG.

Do I Need To Prepare For It?

The idea of an ambulatory ECG is to monitor your heart during your normal life. So, there is not much you need to do to prepare. I can be a good idea to make sure your chest is clean. This makes it easier to attach the electrodes. If you wear a top that gives easy access to your chest, this can make your appointment easier as well. Other than that you just try to ignore it and go about your day as usual.

Ambulatory ECG Monitoring Cambridge

If your doctor suspects that you have cardiac rhythm issues, they will likely refer you to a specialist to perform the ambulatory ECG monitoring Cambridge. Cambridge and King’s Lynn patients can choose to see Dr David Begley. He specialises in arrhythmias (abnormal heart rhythms). So, he can support you not only through this procedure but also through diagnosis and treatment options. To find out more, contact his office today.