If you have an abnormal heart rhythm, then you might be a candidate for ablation. Ablation surgery in UK is still an emerging technique. It is, however, highly effective. For 90% of patients, it is successful at preventing symptoms of arrhythmia.

What Is It?

Ablation surgery is a technique that carefully destroys some of the cells in the heart. The surgeon uses either heat or cold to kill the cells. When the symptoms of arrhythmia begin to affect your life and prevent you from doing things, then ablation can be an option to improve quality of life.

After the surgery, most patients no longer need to take any medications.

How Does It Work?

Abnormal heart rhythms usually originate from a small area of the heart, by carefully causing damage to these faulty cells, scar tissue forms. The scar tissue does not conduct electrical signals. This means that the source of the faulty rhythms is cut off from the rest of the heart.

What Happens During the Procedure?

You will first need to take some tests to ensure that the surgery is a good option for you.

The operation is performed under a local anaesthetic. You can ask for a sedative if you are anxious about being awake.

The operation will take a few hours to complete. During this time, you will need to lay as still as possible.

Your surgeon threads a flexible tube through your veins to your heart. It may be necessary to monitor your heart activity to ensure the correct location is chosen. When the surgeon finished, they remove the tubes.

You will need to lie down for a few hours after the operation. Most people can go home either the same day or the morning after.

Doctors Performing Ablation Surgery in UK

If you are interested in pursuing ablation surgery in UK, then you need to find a skilled and experienced surgeon to talk to. The skill of the surgeon determines the success of the operation. Dr David Begley is a highly experienced and skilled surgeon with extensive experience at performing ablation. You can make an appointment to speak to him today to discuss your options.